Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Oliver, in his most dapper and mature stance, watching Elmo.

There is something so irresistible and amusing about the way Lolly moves. He is very dexterous and coordinated...but he pulls these funny faces and leads with his tummy. He looks like a little Who. He is an agile climber and you always get the feeling he knows something that he's not letting on. In his deep, dry voice, he jabbers in what sounds to me like Hungarian. Or Hebrew. Lots of consonants. My neighbor thinks it sounds like the Ewok language. Oliver often runs with his eyes closed. ?? And he loves to zip around with his silky over his face playing peek-a-boo as he bounces of the walls, floor, and furniture. He reaches for outlets or climbs on the piano, looking over his shoulder at me saying, "Nuh-no." He keeps me smiling all day. A busy bundle of joy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The boys got over their stomach flu a good week and a half ago, yet I dreamed all last night about cleaning up vomit. A couple times I woke up, thinking I heard one of them whimpering in the next room. Turns out it was just my companion's nose whistling. An exhausting night, even with the babies sleeping soundly.

Not only has Lamb been working ridiculous hours--like SEVENTY this week, plus Messiah rehearsal and performance--but he has also taken my car to work because of the bad snow and the extra deliveries and catering jobs that pack December. So my lads and I have been home-bound even after they got well. (No end in sight to the runny noses they've had since Thanksgiving weekend. But the ralphing and the big D are over.) It has already been a long, cold, lonely winter. If not for dear Lori and Marge, I wouldn't have even a little Christmas shopping done. I just barely got our Christmas cards to the post office late last night.

When X was napping yesterday, I bundled Oli and took him in the backyard to alleviate his cabin fever. Maudie immediately absconded with one of his mittens. She's bored, too.

Can't wait for 3pm on Christmas Eve when the restaurant will be CLOSED for the blessed holiday.

I'm pooped but restless. Who wants to meet at midnight for some treacherous sledding at Willowcreek park??

Friday, December 5, 2008


At his 9 month check up, our little X weighed in at 21 pounds (50%) and was 29 3/4inches long (90%). He was working on some squats for a few days and now can push up to standing without holding anything for support. With hands and feet close together on the floor, he pushes his bum up, stinkbug-style, and then simply raises from the waist. (He won't do it while the video camera is on.) He stands in place for several seconds, making gorilla noises, and we're afraid he's just going to start marching one of these first days. He and Brother have been under the weather. We've got boxes of tissue in strategic spots. And lets not talk about the synchronized dia diapers today.