Monday, March 29, 2010

Oliver Rocks it to Russia

So the other day we hooked up Oliver with the Rock Band guitar-- the results were better than we could have dreamed. This might be one of those things that only a child's parents think is funny, but keep in mind 1. he's two, 2. he hadn't ever done this before. We think he might be born to rock.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Neat Nick

One of Oliver's most endearing qualities is his preference to have everything "just so." He keeps a very regular schedule, wakes up nearly the same time every morning, prefers his socks off when not wearing shoes, always makes double sure to "kiss better" if you have an owie and expects the same in return. Oliver also loves counting and saying his ABC's, and has recently begun singing songs with us (he knows ALL the words,) and even requesting certain songs be sung. His memory is incredible, and we are pretty sure he is the smartest kid ever.

ANYWAY, a fun little example from the other day. Mommy was in the other room when she heard Oliver practicing his new trick of opening the fridge. Brother X was sleeping, so she knew the damage wouldn't be beyond a level 5 hurricane. When she came back she found Oliver had emptied the door of the fridge, and neatly lined up every bottle we currently have along the edge of the table. Notice the neat semi-circle form, and the even spacing of the bottles. Notice the stools placed up on our counter (this is to prevent X from climbing up on them and then on to the counter, and making sure eveything is NOT "just so." Oliver, you're so dang cool. We love you. Lennox, we love you too. A lot. We'll post about your special talents very soon. As soon as you let us clean the house.