Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Hair and the Piano

We had the Grandfolks over for some Sunday dinner on, well, Sunday. Grampa Joe got a couple of good shots of the boys, and Oliver rocking out 80's Hair Band style.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Wonderful Life.

I have an unusual amount of mothers in my life. And my life is better for it. In fact, my life is because of them.

My emotions and gratitude are full, and to "blog" about it seems trite. But as the attention requirement from the two-year-olds in the room will prevent me from making a record by cutting down the maple tree, shearing its bark and forging an archival quality document with my bare hands, or hunting down a pheasant and crafting a Quill pen to use with ink fashioned from rare boysenberries, I guess this will have to do.

Back to the volumes of women in my life....

My own dear mom, who magaged to raise me to adulthood in spite of my daredevil tendencies and various high-risk activities through her patience, kindess, and love.

My mother-in-law who's passed on, leaving me to enjoy the beautiful heritage that was her home, and who is her daughter (more on her later.)

My mother-in-law of the present, who has listened, advised, and given me a great set of cookware.

My maternal grandmother who blessed me with her cooking in England during our shared mission.

My paternal gradmother who patiently taught me to play the piano when she felt I was old enough after turning five.

The Birth grandmothers of our two boys who have blessed us with their grace, kindess, and tenderness. Mother's of true grandeur.

The birth mother of Oliver. The Woman, The Saint, The Miracle.

The birth mother of Lennox. The Miracle, The Saint, The Woman.

You are both the literal hands of God in our lives. And because of you, my hands are full and therefore my heart is full.

And the mother of my children. Dear Cambry. My wife, my love, my light. Thank you for doing, being,....everything. Literally everything.

The common thread here is that these women bless my life everyday from every angle. From the woman who gave me life, to the women who have given us life, to the women who sustain our lives, to the woman that is my life. Each and every day my life is full because of all of you. You have taught me love, and I love you all.

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, it's a Wonderful Life.

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Happy Boys 4

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Happy Boys 3

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Happy Boys 2

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Happy Boys.

Friday, May 7, 2010