Sunday, November 14, 2010

Days 5-7

Lennox thought you were supposed to "use your head" on the tether ball.

Lennox scored his major prize for the trip at Disney - a bubble gun that lights up. He made sure it was by his side through the next 3 days and all the way home and into bed.

Dad and Oliver and Ride Makerz building Lightning McQueen RC car.

Lennox after we made it home at the SL airport.
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Oliver the traveling champion. Notice the self decoration stickers he entertained himself with.

The Entrance to Kobe Bryant's hood.

Cars from Safeway in Newport Coast. Bentley .

Ferrari who just got pulled over by the fuzz.

Aston Martin Rapide - Base Price $195,950. Things are a little different in Newport.

Balboa Pier.

Oliver loved his new car just a little.

Oliver enjoying Dad's favorite - wetzels pretzel cheese dog.

Since we had Disney out of the way - the rest of our vacation was supposed to be the relaxing part. But we forgot we were traveling with a two and three year old, so the relaxing time was minimal. We did do quite a few fun things however. Downtown Disney for Wetzel's and Cookies. Building Oliver's Lightning McQueen car at "Ride Makerz." The The Pool. Balboa Island and Balboa Pier (we rode in our car on the car ferry between the peninsula and the island.) Chocolate bananas on a stick. The putting green. The pool (again.) Ice cream for breakfast. Johnny Rockets for Burgers and Shakes. A little window shopping at Fashion Island. Counting gazillion dollar cars. Stalking Kobe Bryant's gated entry and neighborhood. Mom and Dad even got a one hour break for dinner at a fun spot on Highway 1 called "The Summer House."

We made it home to snowy Utah tonight, truly grateful to be home. We are enjoying looking back at our pictures and video while two little boys are sleeping soundly in their beds worn out from our travels. Thanks guys for a fun family vacation.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 4 - Disneyland

Well... back to the big D. This year we were greeted by smaller crowds (although by human standards, still a huge crowd) fewer strollers, and big fun.

We made it in the gate by 11:00 am and stayed until closing at 8:00 pm, quite a day for a two and a three year old, but you know... "you have to get your money's worth."

We had great luck not waiting more than a couple of minutes for anything the boys could ride or that we could all ride as a family. We couldn't quite talk Oliver into riding the Matterhorn, but we did take them both on the Pirates of Caribbean. Having Callie with us was quite a help in taking turns with napping boys while mom and dad snuck in the roller coaster & tower of terror.

The boys were all smiles on the carousel, the storybook land ride, the zephyr, the bugs life rides, and dad and Oliver had a great duet on the teacups. We ate corndogs, bengal bbq, some delicious "loaded baked potato soup."

Disney is really something else. That many people, thousands of people, and they crank out good time after good time. We lost a bag at the end of the night and had to go back the next day to check the lost and found. No chance, right? Wrong, it was right there waiting for us.

Anyway - A couple of pics, with video to follow..

This is not a mistake, this is Oliver sticking it to us when we say "smile!"

Day 3 - Crystal Cove Beach - The Video

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3, The Beach

In an effort to minimize the risk of needing to call the laundry ladies downstairs yet again, we decided to hit the beach Tuesday while we let any lingering nausea run through our systems.

Just across the road from where we are staying is the Crystal Cove State Park, which is a protected and all natural beach. The nice thing about it is there are hardly any people there, the natural thing about it is that it is quite a hike to get down to the actual beach. Sometimes you have to pass by wild cougars on the way down. Not older single ladies often found here in the O.C., but actual cougars.

As many of our photos will prove, Oliver has developed a real hobby of not looking at or smiling for the camera. The moment he senses he is on film, he closes his eyes or turns away, here he is posing by his name in the sand.

Lennox was determined to beat back the sea. I think he did in fact make the tide recede quite a bit.

Here is the before mentioned "cougar". Look close right in the middle and you can see his rear end and tail. On our way down to the beach, a surfer was on his way up to the parking lot and stopped us and said "don't be alarmed, but there is a good size bobcat just down the path walking around." Sure, not to be alarmed. We walked down cautiously with another guy who determined on seeing it that it had a long tail, so that made it a cougar. O.K. Anyway, the cat crossed down into the ravine and away from us, but it was pretty exciting.

Mom and Ollie shooting foul shots near our villa. The best thing about this court is the ocean view.

Oliver dribbling coast to coast. So to speak.

Lex on his way down to the playground. Get out the way.

Oliver has been doing a lot of running on this trip. I think he has pretty good form. We spent about a half hour just running up and down the beach yesterday. We got some video of that we'll put on later.

Anyway, another easy day a little beach and fun. After the beach we hit Ruby's diner for a Bacon Cheese Burger and their yummy fries. Our friend and neighbor Callie also arrived to help us wrangle Lex a little bit for a couple of days. We are glad to have an extra set of hands.