Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pitiful Blog,

Our blog has been neglected as of late due to:

1. We had the sickest boy ever for a good two weeks through the end of March and beginning of April. Mr. Lennox, who had a fever for over a week, crazy cough, ear aches, barf, the whole nine yards. Even his plump little thighs thinned out. The only up side was we got to cuddle him virtually day and night, which is usually rare with Mr. Energy. Oliver got a bug too, but not nearly as intense. His main problem, along with the rest of us, was cabin fever. We have had a super cold and snowy spring that has kept us inside going a lot bonkers. Fortunately, both have recovered, and the weather is even looking to get warmer.

2. The fact that someone in our house, (a boy who is three) has broken our card reader making it impossible to get pictures from the camera onto the computer - of course we will get a new one right a way. But until then, here's a few shots from the old camera phones of the boys in action. More to follow after our next trip to WallyWorld. (wal-mart) - Photos will include... Preschool Fun!

While Lennox was feeling so ill, he took to nursing his little friend Elmo. He made sure he took his medicine and had plenty of cereal.

As ever, Oliver is always looking for ways to help daddy. You can't imagine the delight when he discovered if he tipped the garbage cans just right, he could get a hold and bring a whole can in from the street all by himself. It was a proud moment for him. And for daddy.