Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Olivers first joke.

As mentioned in an earlier post below, Oliver and Lex started preschool a few weeks ago. At the beginning of each of Oliver's classes there is thinking question presented to get the class going. The other day the question was .... "What is the opposite of quiet?" Oliver's answer.......... "Brother." (thanks to my dad who pointed out I had misspelled quiet for several days. quite silly.)

Winter around the house 4

The last few posts are published in reverse order - see below for an explanation. Handsome little devils though, aren't they?

One of Mom's photo shoots-

Winter around the house 3

Little lamb so soft and fair.

See below

Winter around the house continued

You'll have to read these post backward from Christmas I guess... more from around the house.


Winter around the house

As you can imagine, and probably do yourself - we spend a lot of time in the house during the snowy winter months. Lex and Ollie have both started pre-school this last month and both are loving it. Bringing home art projects to show off and telling us the interesting names of their new friends like "Om." Here are a few shots from our indoor happenings when it isn't school time.

Indoor high jump. Lennox won hands down, he was born with no fear. When we play hide and go seek, Oliver always sends him to go find dad, while he waits safely in the other room. as a result, Lennox will usually "win" when it comes risky behavior. Here's to the future.....

Februrary Already?

How did that happen. It is rather incredible how our two boys are managing to consume every second of every day. It is wonderful and we love it, but boy does it cause us to put some things off. We have rooms in our house that we haven't ventured into since early October, projects started in August that are yet to be completed, and I am sure some condiments in the refrigerator since before Oliver was born. Is this pretty much what we should expect for the next several years... forever?

Anyway, an update of our lives this winter - we had our Christmas update on our most recent post, but here are a few sights and sounds of the rest of this winter season that we have been meaning to share for quite some time now. Our apologies for the delay. Anyone still out there by the way?

Update 1 - Oliver, Dad, and Grandpa Joe all went snowmobiling. It was the first time for Oliver to share his Grandpas favorite past time and what a success. Oliver took to the snow, the mountains, the machines, the burgers at the soda fountain in the old drug store in Kamas, like a fish to water. Never once cold or scared, Oliver could only ask at the end of each lap to "Go Faster Dad!" We intended to just take Oliver up and drive around in the field a little while, but after an hour of doing that, and Oliver not wanting to stop - ever - we headed on up the mountain for a few miles ride. What a blast, dad loved it, Oliver loved it, and Grandpa really loved it. We all really loved it. Can you tell? For the geography people - we are in Kamas Utah and the Uinta Mountains above.